[Resolved] How to uninstall programs in FreeBSD

Question : How to Uninstall pacakages/programs in FreeBSD

Solution : We can delete or uninstall packages using theĀ  pkg_delete command as shown below.

First search for the installed package

# pkg_info | grep bind
bind99-base-9.9.0 The BIND DNS suite with updated DNSSEC and DNS64
bindgraph-0.2_3 A RRDtool frontend for BIND statistics
rubygem-memcache-client-1.0.3 Ruby bindings for MemCached

Once you see the package in the list by the above command you can delete it as shown below. Here the below command will uninstall the packageĀ bindgraph-0.2_3 from the system.

# pkg_delete bindgraph-0.2_3

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